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STUFFERS (Cushion Inserts)
Did you know that we make cushion inserts?
With squares from 10" x 10" (25cm x 25cm) to
32" x 32" (81cm x 81cm) and rolls from 6" (15cm) Di-
ameter to 10" (25cm) Diameter as well as
any custom
size or shape
you may need, we will work with your
housekeeping department or your interior decorator to
provide a stuffed insert ready to slide into your cushion
As a guide for best fit based on past experience, we
recommend that you size your insert 1” larger than the
cover up to 18” x 18” and 2” larger for up to 28” x 28”.
This will allow the stuffer to better fill the corners of the
All our measurements are seam to seam.