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Company Profle:
As a family business that began in 1985, we have always
sought to learn from our experiences and keep an open mind to
changes and improvements in the bedding industry. As a result,
we are never truly satsfed with our products, thus the constant
challenge of improving them.
We have also had the opportunity to work with some of the
large hotel chains, both local and European based including
Sandals, Secrets and Superclubs
and have been able to fll any
request for custom sizes and/or lof, based on our customers
With that in mind, we hereby present our product line
for the Hospitality Industry, with products that will
fll the needs of the High end luxury hotel right down to the
price conscious villas and guest houses. Regardless of your price
point however, we will be consistent in our service, integrity,
quick response to quote requests and prompt delivery.